Making quality education and life long learning more accessible and affordable in the Philippines

Making quality education and life long
learning more accessible and affordable in the Philippines


Company Overview

Moocs PH Incorporated is a start-up company that aims to centralize and deliver massive open online courses (moocs) and learning opportunities for the Philippine market.

The company is finalizing partnerships with internationally renowned providers of moocs to exclusively market and distribute their contents. These courses are developed by top universities around the world and covers a wide array of topics such as business management, social sciences, language learning, computer science, data science and analytics.

The company is also working with local institutions for the creation of digital courses and learning contents that are relevant to the Filipino consumers regardless of where they are in the world.

Moocs PH is currently developing the first online marketplace in the country that will help people discover, compare and sign-up with trustworthy local-based classes ranging from creatives, such as painting and drawing, physical training such as yoga and cross fit or specialized classes such as digital marketing, financial analysis on excel or data storytelling.


Mission and Vision



At MOOCS PH we strive to become the leading online curator of quality courses and life-long learnings in the Philippines.

We envision our platform becoming an ecosystem of learners, trainers, experts, class and course providers whose passion in learning is aligned with ours.




It is our mission to make quality education and learning opportunities, whether online or offline, accessible and affordable for the many people.

We make sure that both globally and locally available learning courses, contents and learning activities of the highest quality is made available on our platform.

We will continually seek partnerships with international and local institutions to expand our learning ecosystem ensuring that our learners will have access not only to a comprehensive list of classes but a support community as well during their life-long learning journey.